Vesrah Brake Pads

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Big discounts and high availability of Vesrah motorcycle brake pads

We currently stock pads for thousands of applications with new inventory arriving every month.  Some bikes have single calipers.  Some have dual.  Most dual caliper bikes use the same pad number for both left and right, but not all.  

The best and easiest way to make sure you get the pads you want is through the Vesrah Brake Parts Search application on their home page (click here).  Once there, you can just fill in the blanks with your bike manufacturer, year, size, etc., or you can search by OEM part number and even competitor part number.

Once you find the basic part number, for example "VD-444"(the only part that's pertinent is the number), you can go to my "All Pads" page and pick from the available compounds.  For example, if the Vesrah site says you need VD-248 pads for your Yamaha R6 you can go to my "All Pads" page and scroll down to the 248 pads and you can choose your compound.  VD-248-JL, ZD-248-CT, VD-248-SRJL-17, VD-248-XX and VD-248-SS are the same size pads in different compounds.

About those compounds.........

Over the years Vesrah has made many compounds and is always experimenting, testing, and pushing the envelope of brake technology.  Vesrah is a family business.  In typical Japanese fashion they never satisfied with their product, even when they have a world-wide reputation as the best.  Constant innovation and improvement are the hallmarks of their success. 

We do our best to stock every available compound available.  Not all compounds are available for every application.

"JL".  The JL compound is the OEM replacement pad and is a great, inexpensive compound for street bikes and lightweight racebikes.

"CT".  These are the Cruiser/Touring pads that bridge the gap between an OEM replacement pad and a full-on race pad.  Whether you are looking for better than OEM performance for your street ride, or want to do some track days with your sport bike, these are great pads for you.  More aggressive than OEM, longer lasting, less fade and a manageable linear feel are what you will experience with CT pads.  They also make a great race pad for lightweight bikes which sometimes lose their braking feel with more powerful pads. 

"RJL".  These are the pads that catapulted Vesrah to fame on the world stage.  The RJL has helped riders win more championships and races than any other pad.  Racers like the strong initial bite, braking power, lack of fade, and longevity of the RJL.  The RJL quickly became the standard for comparison for performance brake pads.

"SRJL".  In a constant effort to improve upon the legendary RJL, Vesrah developed a series of SRJL or "Super-RJL" pads.  The final culmination of these was the SRJL-17 which quickly became a favorite of endurance racing teams worldwide.  With the SRJL pads, brake pad changes in a 12 hour endurance race quickly became a thing of the past.  Strong initial bite and linear feel are the basic characteristics of this pad.

"RJL-XX".  The XX pad is the top-of-the-line pad for most applications in the Vesrah catalog.  While the initial bite is somewhat less than the SRJL-17 pad, the braking power is much greater.  The feel of the pad is progressive.  The braking power is exponential with brake lever pressure.  True one-finger braking with incredible braking power is available for most sportbikes with the XX pad.  Our testing shows these pads last even longer than the SRJL pad.  This is the pad we run on both sprint and endurance bikes.

"SS".  Vesrah recently developed the SS pad in a joint effort with Ducati.  While originally available only for the Brembo Monoblock calipers, Vesrah has worked diligently to expand the line to include other popular racebikes.  Long lasting pads with the incredible stopping power of the XX pad and the initial bite of the SRJL-17, the SS pad is the new pinnacle of Vesrah braking technology.

"ZZ".  Vesrah has done it again!  The ZZ compound is the latest evolution in progressive pads, combining the strong initial bite of the SS pad with even greater stopping power and consistency with a wider temperature range.  The greater stopping power of the ZZ pad comes with a longevity trade-off of about 30 percent compared to the SS pad.  

When new applications for race pads are released we will be the FIRST to stock them, and in some cases we will be the ONLY source for these pads for some time.  We travel to Japan and meet with Vesrah executives monthly.  They are very responsive to our suggestions for new application and compound availability.  Tell us what you want and I will forward the information to them.