Vesrah Brake Pads

The very best pads you can buy.........without question!

Big discounts and high availability of Vesrah motorcycle brake pads

Cruiser Pads.......Are they what you've been looking for?

Vesrah has designed their ZD-CT Sports Pads to bridge the gap between their JL pads, which are OEM replacements and their racing pads.

Whether you ride a Harley or a Yamaha R1 these pads might be just what you need.  

If you own a big boulevard cruiser, touring bike, adventure bike, etc, and want better braking performance wet or dry, less brake fade and longer life, these pads are for you.  They are everything you expect in a high quality OEM pad and much, much more.

If you own a crotch rocket but ride mainly on the street, these pads will be a huge performance improvement over OEM pads without the big price tag for race pads that aren't what you really need.  These pads are plenty robust enough for track days but they haven't forgotten their street manners, and they are easy on the wallet as well.

If you are happy with the JL compound then stick with them.  They're better than the factory pads your bike was delivered with.  If you want more performance give the ZD-CT pads a try.  If you're strictly into racing Vesrah has 4 race compounds (soon to be 5) currently in production. Contact me if you need help finding the right compound for your bike.