Vesrah Brake Pads

The very best pads you can buy.........without question!

Big discounts and high availability of Vesrah motorcycle brake pads

To find the correct rear pad for your bike please visit by clicking HERE.   You will be able to easily search for your pads using their convenient parts finder.  

We stock rear brakes for many popular sports bikes and cruiser.  Most of the pads we stock that are rear brake specific are available in only the JL (OEM Replacement) compound which is plenty strong enough for a rear application.  Some pads have both front and rear applications and they may be available in other compounds.  Save yourself some money and use JL compound pads on the rear when available.  They are more than adequate since most braking is done with the front brake.  The exception to this would be an 800 lb bagger whose rider uses the rear brake exclusively.  In that case go with the CT (Cruiser/Touring) pads if they are available, or any of the other choices.

Contact us by phone or email if you have questions.  We will help you find the right set-up for your bike.