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1967 PA-30B model.  Six place airplane. 

2778 TT.  LE 282 SMOH.  RE 830 SMOH.  Both props 240 SMOH.   Fresh out of annual with the next one due Aug 31, 2017.  Compression readings LH 77-78-75-77, RH 77-74-77-74. 

Aircraft Logbook #1 (see link below description) shows an apparent birdstrike in 1993.  No other damage history on the airframe, engines, or props.

Very reliable.  We have put 200 hours on the airplane in less than a year and a half.  Never a flight school airplane. 

There is a long list of speed mods on the airplane.  I can’t think of any mods that are available that the airplane does not have.  Here is a partial list.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  LoPresti wow cowls, hub caps, flap track covers, Knots-2-U flap/aileron gap seal kit, rudder gap seal kit, wing root fairing kit, wing fillet kit, wing tip kit, gear lobe fairings, vertical fin cap fairing & slim strobe, stainless exhaust fairing, NACA induction vents, one piece Arapaho windshield, windshield cowl, radome, Arapaho dorsal fin, speed spinners.  I know I’m leaving something out but those parts today would cost over $23,000 with no shipping, paint or installation.

Along with the speed mods the airplane has Skytec starters, alternator kit, and every available Piper kit to permanently comply with AD notes.  Very few ADs remain on this airplane due to the installation of the Piper kits.

The airplane was owned by a car collector in Florida who babied it.  Always hangared.  The paint is a very high end job done in 1996 by Roy Kieffer of Aircraft Refinishing, Inc and can be seen on his website here:

(click on “multi-engine”, “Piper”, “Twin Comanche”).  The paint, even after 20 years is easily a 9.5. 

Interior is original leather in good condition and would conservatively rate a 7.

On a recent trip from Pecos to Houston I got 168 kts TAS at a power setting of 19”/2400, burning 13.8 gph total at 11,000 ft.  I flight plan at lower altitudes (6000 – 9000) 15  gph and 165 kts.  That is very conservative for 65% power and I always beat both the speed and fuel flow.  If you want to run 75% power this is easily a 175 kt airplane.



GMA-340 Audio Panel w/intercom

GTX-327 Transponder



Dual VOR/ILS Display Heads

Additional Equipment

JPI EDM760 Graphic Engine Monitor

JPI FS-450 Fuel Computer

Century IIIB Autopilot

I will include an iPad mini and iPad holder, and Stratus2 ADS B receiver which provides in-flight weather, flight plan filing capability, traffic information and radar as well as a backup AHARS, synthetic vision, and geo-referenced charts when coupled with your ForeFlight subscription.

Mitch Williams