Vesrah Brake Pads

The very best pads you can buy.........without question!

Big discounts and high availability of Vesrah motorcycle brake pads

Vesrah's new line of cruiser pads are coming soon.  In the meantime, I have sintered sportbike pads that will haul your 800 lb beast down from highway speeds in a flash.  The braking power of these pads far exceeds what is available with factory OEM pads.  

If you do not see your bike listed we may still have your pads.  The best way to find out is to go to the Vesrah website (click here) and find your pads in their easy to use pad finder, then return to our website and look for them on our All Pads page (click here) where the pads are arranged by pad number.  

If you don't find what you need or need help, just contact us (click here) and we will assist you with your fitment and make a special order if necessary.  You don't pay anything until your pads are ready to ship!

We update out website regularly to list the most current fitment information but it just takes one click (click here) to visit the Vesrah website and verify that you are ordering the correct pads for your bike.


1500cc Models           98 - 06

Hammer 1634cc          05 - 07

Hammer S 1634cc        06 - 08

Kingpin 1634cc            06 - 07

Kingpin Tour 1634cc    06 - 07

Vegas 8 Ball 1634cc     06 - 07

Judge 1731cc                2014


VD 262 SRJL - 17

Price is for one card.  Enough pads to service one caliper. 

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VD 156/2 JL

VD 156/2 JL  Price is for one card.  Enough pads to service one caliper. 

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Texas Jackpot 1634cc         2008

Hammer 1634cc                  2008

Vegas 8 Ball 1634cc           2008

1700cc Models                  10 - 12

1731cc Models                   06 - 14